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FizzKids the Webcomic - Page 5

'Into the Depths of Carbondale' (with bonus material - Let me better introduce you to Crusher) - The story further unfolds on Friday with 'Revenge'.

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FizzKids the Webcomic - Page 4

'The Quest: Search to find Bilge the Pi-Rat...'Check back on Wednesday for the next installment in our series.

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FizzKids the Webcomic - Pages 1, 2 & 3

Carbondale was once a sleepy soda manufacturing town.....That was before "The Incident" of 1985...Follow along with Crusher and the other FizzKids each Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as they find out the truth about their origins and how they come to grips with the reality of their new world.

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Here's how it all got started...

The simple city of Carbondale will never be the same after the explosion turned all of the town's plush toys into #FizzKids!  We are going to be telling the full story here by launching our webcomic pictured below...

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